Sadot was founded on 2006 with fertile cooperation and the best technical support, thus it offers highly advanced technological solutions and technical consultation to all its customers.

Sadot′;s staff is being supported and instructed by continuing education programs under the supervision of the represented companies.

Sadot markets equipment and accessories, which give response to various fields of industry.

Sadot offers cleaning solutions via automated and mechanical systems for removal of grease, dust, glue and rust in various levels. This is being achieved while maintaining the work processes effective, cost reduction via "green" liquids and materials, which are environmentally and user friendly.

The manufacturers that Sadot represent, specialize in development and have a longf experience in finding solutions and developing technical knowledge in the field of machining of raw materials such as: Aluminum, Titanium, Stainless Steel, PH Tungsten and more.

Our products apply for various industries such as: aviation, space, energy production, automotive, medical and food.

Sadot sees a high value and importance in giving and supporting a professional service to its customers, in order to reach highly advanced performance levels.